4 - Cylinder Engine Components
4 - Cylinder Engine Components
4 - Cylinder Engine Components
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4 - Cylinder Engine Components

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ZyCoat, LLC will coat your manifold, headers, exhaust, turbo and intake components with ZyBar high temperature heat dissipation coating.
Follow selection instructions below.

The images are examples of the components ZyCoat coating serivces will coat.

ZyCoat Coating Service

ZyCoat Coating Services provides the high temperature coating industry's first - ONE STOP order process.

Enter your components in the on-line order form above and we ship you the ZyCoat Coating Services box with prepaid return shipping label and detailed packaging and shipping instructions. Charges above include the ZyCoat Coating Services box, inner packaging for your parts, shipping cost to ZyCoat Coating Services, receiving inspection, handling, media blasting, ZyBar coating application (inside & outside), cure and post cure quality inspection and shipment of your coated parts back to you.

Custom produced or custom competition headers may require charge over and above the item charges listed above. The additional charge should not exceed $100.00 per pair which will be determined during receipt inspection by ZyCoat, LLC. Collectors, fittings, small parts less than 6" in length provided with any of the above components should be listed on your order. If not you will be charged the price above per small part and added to your order. ZyCoat, LLC’s goal is to ship your coated parts back to you no more than 15 days from the date we receive and inspect your parts. Any deviation between your order and the parts received must be reconciled before work begins.

All parts received will be coated on both the inside and outside. If there are specific areas that you do not want us to coat, clearly mark these areas with tape directly on the part. Masking tape can be used with a sharpie to clearly mark these specific instructions.

Note: parts received with prior high temperature coating, scaling, rust or holes/cracks will incur additional preparation, handling charges. Payment for all additional charge items is required prior to return shipment of the coated components.

Shipping Notes

Initial Shipping: Customer is responsible for packaging all shipping all engine components or parts in the ZyCoat Coating Services box for all coating services. The UPS Ground return shipping label is located inside the plastic shipping sleeve located on the inside cover of the box. Once the parts are packed, apply this UPS Ground return shipping label to the outside of the ZyCoat Coating Services box. Drop off the ZyCoat Coating Services box to any UPS location. It is important that you use the ZyCoat Coating Service UPS Ground Return Shipping label. Should you lose this label you can have the parts shipped to:

ZyCoat, LLC World Headquarters
15032 W. 117th Street
Olathe, Kansas 66062 USA

The components will be shipped with an estimated average book value of insurance. THis insurance will protect most issues for loss or damage imposed by the carrier during transit to and from ZyCoat, LLC. If you require insurance over and above the "average book value of your selected parts" the additional insurance will have to be purchased by you at the UPS center in your area. It is the customers responsibility to package the parts in the ZyCoat Coating Service box in a manner to prevent movement of the parts with the carton. Should damage occur due to inadequate packaging this damage will be the sole responsibility of the Customer. ZyCoat, LLC will make every reasonable effort to note this damage on the carriers bill of lading and contact the customer upon receipt of the damaged goods. ONE STOP is provided to addresses in contiguous US States. Alaska and Hawaii and international locations will require additional shipping cost which will be incurred by the Customer.

Return Shipping: Return shipping cost are based on size, weight and destination of the package and cannot be calculated until the order is complete, boxed up and ready to return. A ZyCoat customer service rep will contact you as the coating service you ordered is nearing completion to arrange return shipping. ZyCoat uses UPS to return ship parts. Parts are shipped via UPS ground unless the customer request expedited UPS shipping. If you want the package to be insured, please tell us the desired insurance amount for your shipment at the time of our call.

Coating Services Terms

Pricing provided is based on receipt of headers in good & reasonable condition. Used parts can be coated, however previously coated parts will require additional handling and processing such as stripping paint, rust removal, additional surface prep due to previous coating material. Headers with separate primaries or with detachable/separate collectors will incur up-charge. Components with excessive rust or thinning may require machining. Any excessive rust removal or machining will be quoted and must be paid before work is initiated.

Part (s) condition should be assessed prior to shipping the components to ZyCoat, LLC. Should we receive parts in this condition or should pin-holes occur during media blasting additional metal work charges may be incurred. These charges must be authorized and paid prior to ZyCoat, LLC returning the components. This will be determined upon receipt and audit of the components. Additional days will be required to process the components.

No work will be done on such parts until we receive authorization and additional funds if any. We will media blast both the interior and exterior of components. If you have any restrictions on where the coating will be applied or “masking required” it is critical that you spell this out in writing with the component parts you provide. Given the nature of automotive parts there is significant variation in size, geometry and complexity of parts. Custom fabricated parts or unique parts will be assessed upon receipt.

ZyCoat, LLC will not be responsible for disassembly or reassembly of any components. For example, Turbos should be disassembled by the customer and only the housing should be shipped to ZyCoat Coating Services.

We will make every attempt to keep deviations from amounts charged to a minimum. No added work will be initiated until we receive written authorization to proceed from you. Stripping paint, rust or performing additional surface/media blasting or machining may require additional charges.