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Welcome to ZyCoat. If you’re a professional coater, you’re in the right place! This page offers basic company and product information to coaters that want to join ZyCoat’s nationwide network of professionals.

ZyBar is an advanced heat dissipation coating, designed to be applied by professional coaters.

  • Patented thermal dissipation technology for coating hard-running engine and exhaust parts
  • Greatly reduces extreme engine temperatures improving engine performance making wraps, tapes, and ceramics obsolete
  • Available in several bold and beautiful non-corrosive colors – Bronze Satin, Midnight Black, Cast (medium Gray), and Aluminum.
  • ZyCoat has tested hundreds of color pigments. The available colors include pigments that have survived rigorous testing and exceed the advertised heat ratings.


Compared to the Competition

Professional Coaters currently have very few options for heat dissipating coating. Does your current coating supplier provide poor customer service? Wish you had more options in color finishes? What if you could add a new coating material that outperforms ceramic and can add significantly to your bottom line?

Ceramic coating is expensive, extremely fragile, and not repairable. ZyBar is less expensive, more durable, and easily repairable if a part gets damaged or scratched.

Cerakote was designed for firearm coating and is not intended to handle the sustained heat that engine exhaust components are subject to. ZyBar was designed specifically to coat high-performance engine and exhaust system components, with heat thresholds approaching 2,000°.

ZyBar is 100% Made in the USA product that is designed and tested to performance in the most extreme environments.

ZyCoat Gives You What the Competition Doesn't

  • Top-notch customer service
  • Consistent product with match colors from batch to batch
  • No hidden formula changes
  • Colors that are guaranteed to stand up to the most extreme temperatures (no use of chromium in color pigments)
  • Curing temperature of 450°
  • No special equipment required to spray ZyBar

Choose Appropriate Amount For Your Job

  • 4 oz - coats a set of manifolds or turbo housing 
  • 8 oz - coats a set of small-block headers 
  • 16 oz - coats a set of long-tube headers 
  • 32 oz - coats entire twin-tube exhaust system

In-stock items normally ship within two business days