Is there an insert for where to go to get application instructions?

There is no “insert”. Application instructions for ZyBar are readily available on the box label and can also be downloaded from ZyBar_Application_Instructions_2020.pdf

Can header or exhaust be bolted on after 120 hour air cure?

We recommend bolting on components only after cure is completed as explained in the cure section of application instructions. If you chose air cure – the chemical resistance of ZyBar is not fully recognized until the component goes through its first “in-service” cure. Once air cured, carefully bolt on the component and allow the engine to idle for 12-15 minutes. This will allow the coated component to ramp up to temperature. A final “cure” step is once the coated component surface temperature reaches 625 to 650 degrees F the component will give off a white opaque smoke. This smoke will last 30-45 seconds and then end. This is the “final” in service cure step.

Is it flexible?

Yes, after cure we have bent panels 45 degrees with no cracking or delamination.

How will a DIY customer know the air cure is done?

When 120 hours have expired from completion of applying the coating.

Higher humidity? How will that affect the air curing time?

Excessive humidity (ie >75%) will slow the cure process.. We would advise that you follow the application instructions including ambient temperatures for storage and cure.

If someone puts in a kitchen oven to cure, what will happen?

We do not recommend the use of non-commercial rated oven of any kind. We adamantly do not recommend using a “kitchen” oven for curing industrial coatings.

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